What is LifePrints ©?

LifePrints© is the ultimate assessment system, using your unique fingerprints, to provide you with a map of your soul’s agenda for this lifetime. It identifies your true and specific Life Purpose and Life Lesson and offers you the tools and understanding to be able to put them to work for you!

Your Life Purpose is not just a job, career, set of goals, what you’re good at, or your values/morals — it is so much more! It is that which brings you satisfaction at the deepest possible level, your Right Life!

Your Life Lesson is that which you must acknowledge, recognize, respect, move through, overcome in order to experience the fulfillment of your Life Purpose.
Who is LifePrints ©?
LifePrints© is a consulting partnership made up of two certified Master Hand and Fingerprint Analysts dedicated to helping individuals and groups understand and use their soul and personality psychologies to their best advantage and potential. Richard Unger and Roberta Coker thrive on assisting others to consciously comprehend how their personal dynamics, set five months before birth, affect their everyday existences. They help their clients change their lives in extraordinary ways.
Richard Unger, Originator of the LifePrints© System,
Founder and Director of the International Institute of Hand Analysis Richard is the developer of the LifePrints© system of analyzing a person’s Life Purpose from their fingerprints. Over the last 38 years, he has probably talked to more people about their Life Purpose than any other person on the planet!


Roberta Coker, Master Hand Analyst
Roberta started exploring the world of Hands in 1996, has analyzed more than 7,500 pairs from around the globe, and is an associate facility member at the International Institute of Hand Analysis. Her clients state that their sessions are pivotal points in their lives, opening them to accelerated change and extraordinary life gratification.

What else does LifePrints © offer?

Private Life Purpose Consultations — 1-1½ hour personal sessions available in-person or over the phone. All sessions are audio recorded for your convenient and continuing review.

Become a LifePrints© Practitioner — Learn to decipher the code that unlocks the hidden inner universe of the human psyche. Greatly accelerate your own personal growth and gain profound insights into other people. Providing clarity into the hidden mechanics of both Soul and Personality Psychologies, LifePrints© is a powerful tool for healing practitioners of all types as well as their clients. LifePrints© Intensive Weekend classes scheduled regularly.

Life Purpose Fulfillment Coaching — Working privately with your LifePrints© analyst through your personally customized 11 x 17 twenty page workbook over the course of one year, you learn to positively identify, track, and truly live your Life Purpose out loud!

Corporate Team Building — Improve communication, efficiency, and productivity. Cultivate leadership, increase cooperation, decrease stress. Leverage your team members' talents for individual and group success. Our programs can be tailored to the needs of leaders or team members, as well as to the theme of a larger conference or convention.

Life Purpose Weekend Retreats — Spend three eye-opening and life-altering days at a beautiful facility overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Immerse yourself in a journey that will change your life! Develop the skills you need to bring your Life Purpose into the center of everything you do.

Learn to truly reflect your soul’s calling by resetting your internal compass through participation in individual and small group exercises and activities. Join this comfortable group of like-minded seekers to find and live your Life Purpose, the single most important thing you can ever do!

LifePrints ©

Deciphering Your Life Purpose
from Your Fingerprints


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